Packard Foundation – “When Good Not Good Enough”

Good to know food is on some folks’ advocacy plate. The Packard Foundation hosted a Twitter Chat last week (first for me) on topics involving they interplay between healthier eating, dietary empowerment, and food businesses. About 100 folks apparently watched the character exchange.

Good exchange of issues, passions and interests. We can expect to see an assessment of the transcript on a blog in the near future, so we’ll see what that looks like. First guess is it could be less dynamic than I hope, but we’ll see.

The vast majority of comments praised existing efforts or wondered why more chefs and foodies weren’t involved in portion size, anti-salt, anti-sugar or anti-business initiatives. Everyone loved the idea of local, natural foods — though couldn’t imagine anyone paying $2 for a banana as a better nutritional choice at restaurants.

Lots were mad at fast food but couldn’t see a way out. It appears they don’t live up to their promises to keep kids out of the picture.

Turning Burgers Against Obesity — and collecting nickels for food change — caught no one’s attention, not really. I tried to express summaries of the idea described here on, but I’m not sure it caught lots of attention.

I’m guessing hardcore assessments of doing something way outside of the bun wasn’t a priority. Most want dollars for their tactics, and who can blame them? They make good points – but they don’t do as Bill Shore suggested on the same day and really look to push their comfort zones.

If we are going to get to the heart of food change, we need to do something more dramatic. The Nickel-a-Meal Campaign is a reasonable alternative and we must get more people thinking about change like this.

I hope Packard saw the other Shore’s piece about When Good Is Not Good Enough.


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