Can kids want better fast food?My take is that sodas are pretty pissed off. They may be bubbly and fun and a source of free refills, but they and other sugary treats are often easy targets of obesity criticism.

But its time we accept a more accurate realization. One food item isn’t the issue. The global food crisis that is making us fat and queuing diabetes exists because the food sectors make money off of us readily eating what they serve; and we like it so much that we’ve absorbed their unhealthy ways into our like and wants … with them walking away with the profits.

But now that we know this, we need to figure out how to change it. We have to figure out how to put EMPOWERMENT onto the menu so that we get the kind of fast and convenient food system we like without having to die from the consequences.

Sample of a LOGO that could be displayed at participating locations

Sample of a LOGO at participating locations

THE NICKEL-A-MEAL CAMPAIGN is a true EMPOWERMENT STRATEGY that can allow this transformation to happen.

And its beauty is that it does so just like the profit-taking corporations do — by maximizing the power of the nickels and dimes we so readily give, only this time to make sure we have the ability to buy what is good for us.

It has been estimated that the fast food industry makes some $1 billion daily in profits; not revenues, profits. The actual cash flow is likely much larger. Which is why they exercise such impressive control over the food we eat and the use of public money to keep unhealthy food — and the finance systems that support the flow of dollars — coming.

So reverse the concept. What if we give ourselves a taste of their successes? Can you imagine what 150,000,000 nickels being fed into the coffers of justice could do for DIETARY AND SOCIAL CHANGE?

And remember, that’s 150,000,000 nickels for FOOD EMPOWERMENT everyday — not a tax, not a short-term grant, not a contract with a corporate funder that can be manipulated as they see fit.

An unobstructed, free-flow of progressive money to be used to check and monitor and improve the fast food and regular grocery markets as quickly as we buy from them.


The idea behind a Nickel-a-Meal Campaign is grounded in several parts. But this is just to introduce the concept. Because it is a collective, empowering strategy, how the parts work and serve the public interest of giving us a voice in our food systems will depend on what we want.

Nevertheless, this site is meant as an “amuse bouche” — a free sampling — of my take on the foundation and why it can work. So here is an overview that I trust everyone will use as a springboard … to me, it is a tried and true example of Blended Value (profit and social purpose) for healthy Impact Investing in our future:


  • A FLOW OF NICKELS: First, we have to accept that we deserve a cut of the money pie. That can be done easily in the same way that the money sectors do it now. Each commercial entity now collects your money with a swipe of your ATM/Credit Card each time you buy a lunch (breakfast, snack or dinner). What most people don’t know is that a small fraction — that adds up to a lot! — goes to as many as 5 to 7 financial entities. We need to tap into this flow in a way that does not give them more profits, isn’t a tax, and is not subject to the control of financial interests. You can see more about his here.
  • AN TRUSTED OPEN-SOURCE NETWORK TO COLLECT THE MONEY: Once the nickels are collected with each swipe, they will then go to a network of charitable, trusted community-based food empowerment projects. Effectively an electronic plastic charitable pot, this process results in the collection of 150,000,000 nickels daily, or roughly $50 million weekly for change.
  • THEN, LOCAL COMMUNITY, YOUTH AND VOCAL FOOD ADVOCATES TURN NICKELS INTO VOICES FOR CHANGE: Each region designs a recognition campaign for participating food vendors (including corporate franchisees) to reward and incentivize those who are willing to work with and listen to the people they serve.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a recognized symbol of trust. Sadly, so are McBurger logos. The Nickel-a-Meal Campaign offers the people who want fast and convenient food the chance to have our own branded and marketing effort.

Take a look around the site. We want to hear your ideas and suggestions. We think a budget of about $3 to $5 million annually for the first couple of years — along with a powerful “bight” of a successful social media campaign — will get the Nickel Campaign rolling.

What do you think? CONTACT us or POST your thought on our food chat!






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